My Favorite Colour

I am dynamic person,and I love many things which is colourfull .
I always think it is quite amazing how many varieties of great colors and color combinations there are to view and talk about.
Today is about silver and tan. Both bold, sexy and rich, when combined it is just that much more sweeter. I have to say, I Love them!
In my opinion,silver indicates a futuristic atmosphere and tan is warm,humble and down to earth.Or perhaps because my name Archangela has 2 letter A and G,that on a chemical element means Argentum or silver...hehe..ridiculous! :)

So i think its balance.I must admit that I love silver and try to incorporate it into my decor whenever possible and yes, I really enjoy wearing silver jewelry. I can also say that I am a big fan of tan, it is a great neutral tone that looks rich as well as stylish.
I have found some pretty interesting and fun items that are tan and silver, I hope you can enjoy them also.Such as silver table lamp combined with tan cover,silver bowl,rattan stool and silver pretty and cute..

(I love that ring,simply but sure)
And I do hope that my gift from would be sent as soon as possible....(this article maybe such as a heart screaming of  the unlimited waiting:))


  1. my fave colour is purple. Yeaaay and of course white (:

  2. @ata:sip@,kombinasi yang bagus...kapan2 ntar aku ngomongin ttg kombinasi warnamu ya say...:)

  3. i like brown and green,
    and also brown/pink, and brown/blue.

    ayo bahas.. bahas... ;)

  4. @Mel:okey..okey...ntar aku bahas..yang mana duluan nih..banyak banget..hehehe...
    basically kamu kayanya suka warna yang soft2 cenderung warna pastel,nice combination.Palagi yang kedua..hmmm..suejuk..jadi pengen tidur terus..wkwkwk..klo yang ketiga kayanya gayanya vintage tetep okey kok....okey deh..ntar kubahas all about soft colour on decoration..wait ya..:)

  5. mba Tika..kalo nude color sama tan sama ga? kya'a hampir2 mirip tuh. aku suka warna itu. trus warna biru, putih, coklat, hitam..smua warna aku sukaaa. haha..

  6. iya bener... dan aku juga suka background blogmu ini karena ini juga brown and green.... huehehehehe....

  7. @Ratih:ehmm..gimana ya..mungkin sama kalieee..tapi kalo menurutku nude itu mungkin agak2 kaya kulit orang asia gitu deh..kecoklatan cerah...
    hheee..brarti kamu cenderung suka warna2 khaki..ntar deh aku bahas,,:)..sabar ya..


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